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Trekking by night in the Etruscan roads

From this year a new unforgettable experience is waiting for you! During your stay at Hotel della Fortezza you will have the chance to join our trekking by night in the Etruscan roads Vie Cave!

Do you already know the territory of the hilltop towns Sorano, Sovana, and Pitigliano? Do you know that just near those medieval villages there are the suggestive Etruscan roads called Vie Cave? Those ancient roads are like canyon carved into the tufa stone, immersed in the woods of this wild and green territory. Walking in the vie cave is a Must for those who visit this area, and for this, we thought about a way to make this experience even more unforgettable. Real trekking by night in the ancient Etruscan roads!

You will have the possibility to venture in the darkness of the night to the discovery of the Etruscan vie cave with the company of our expert guide, who will show you the path and will tell you about the fascinating history of those ancient roads. They were not only roads to connect villages, but also real sacred paths that still preserve a more than the suggestive atmosphere.

The itinerary

The tour begins with the crossing of the narrow streets of the city center, to continue the bottom of the valley where the light of the village leave the place to the darkness. You will be equipped with a headlight, don’t worry! Around you only nature and the sound of the nocturnal animals, the river Lente and the voice of the guide who will accompany you step by step to discover those magic places.

When you will arrive at the beginning of the Via Cava, you will be shocked by its beauty. Via Cava San Rocco, just under Sorano, is one of the most beautiful and suggestive of the territory, with over 20-meters high walls! You will reach the stunning Park of San Rocco after about 50 minutes of walking. The park is a panoramic terrace from which to enjoy the view of the city center. Try to raise up your eyes and turn off the headlight, you will see the starry sky above you. In the full-moon nights, leave your eyes getting used to the night and after some minutes you will see what there is around you also without the torches.

Just the time to relax a little bit and take some pictures of the amazing view, and you will continue for a few meters in the park to discover the Etruscan tombs that are just under the terrace. Near the Vie Cave there are always some tombs because those roads represented the connection between life on the earth and life after death. According to the Etruscans, Mother Earth dominated the life of men, and for this, they carved as deeper as possible in the stone to be able to create a contact, communication with the divine. It is like the ancient Egyptians who built high monuments to reach the gods in the sky, the Etruscan did the same but in the opposite way.

After a short visit to the tombs, you will come back by the same road, to reach again the bottom of the valley and climb up to the Orsini Fortress.

Some more information

The trekking will take about two hours, and you will only need comfortable shoes and possibly a non-slip one, a trekking bootie would be perfect but also a pair of trainers will be good. Comfortable clothing and a winter jacket, in case, that the temperature would below. In the valley, near the river, the air is always colder than in the village.

The tour starts at 8.00 pm from Piazza Cairoli, right in front of the entrance of Hotel della Fortezza. Elena, the guide, will welcome you! The price per person is 15€, including a guide and headlight.

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