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After Covid no more buffets, but the possibility to choose the same products organized in three menus (sweet, savory, mix) that will be served at the table or prepared for take-away by our staff;

A real breakfast tasting for a good awakening. Homemade cakes with local flours, ricotta, pecorino cheese and local raw ham, organic tomatoes, seasonal fruit, freshly baked bread, jams, honey, hot drinks and fruit juices.

You will understand that all this needs organization. For this reason we have established some little rules that allow everyone to have the right time for a good breakfast and we can serve you with courtesy and without worrying.

  • Timetables: we have established shifts that allow everyone to appreciate the products of our breakfast while respecting the safety distance. There will be 3 shifts available: 07.15 – 08.15 / 08.15 – 09.00 / 09.00 – 10.00;
  • The spaces for breakfast: it can be occupied by a maximum of 14 guests at a time, the square the external square is available with 3 tables and the EnoRistrò with another 10 seats
  • Takeaway breakfast: you can choose to take away the breakfast. If you want, you will have a blanket and a breakfast basket to start the day with a picnic breakfast where you prefer;
  • Breakfast in the room: after Covid we proceeded to reduce the supplement for this service from 10 to 6 euros per room;

Upon arrival at the Hotel, you will be asked to choose the environment, the service and the shift you prefer. The definition of the environment will take place with the reception staff upon confirmation of availability in the shift you have chosen.

We have the desire to offer you a particular breakfast, as much as possible based on local products, to make you remember us and our service, but also we hope to transmit you the awareness to pay attention to the quality of the food you put on your table daily.

I’m talking about simple products such as cheese, pecorino, yogurt, fruit and vegetables, products that you are used to consuming every day, which you know because it is easy to find them on the supermarket shelves. Despite this, you will find yourself discovering different, unique, and authentic flavors because they derive from production cycles where everything is visible and nothing is altered.

Are you a fan of gastronomy? You can consider our breakfast a real tasting, where you can taste the products and discover the companies and then simply reach them in person to deepen curiosities and interests and, of course, make a little personal escort to take home.

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